Engineering Microbiology (EN. 570.411/570.610, Fall semester)

This course provides a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of microbiology, and to be able to integrate these principles in the context of important natural and engineered environmental systems, including energetics and kinetics of microbiological growth, biogeochemical cycles, microbial treatment of water and wastewater, bioenergy production, and pollutant degradation.

Biological Processes for Water & Wastewater Treatment (EN.570.446/570.706, Spring semester)

This course provides in-depth knowledge of the fundamental concepts, design, and applications of engineered systems with emphasis on wastewater treatment, resource recovery from waste streams, and the biological treatment of drinking water. The activated sludge process, suspended and biofilm growth, aerobic and anaerobic treatments, solids handling and treatment, and biological nutrient removal will be discussed.